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Show #5
Music In Spite of Johns
David Gunn
From radio station WGDR, the Granola Displacement Repository, it's Kalvos & Damian's New Music Sesquihour, broadcasting this week from Plainsong, Vermont It's gala Saint John Day today here in the studio and elsewhere, and we're celebrating by playing music of composers named John. Even our guest composer-o-the-week, Gilles Yves Bonneau of Burlington, has often been called John. In addition, we'll be accepting calls today from listeners named John, or even from listeners who know someone named John. We have yet another new music quiz, a station ID on the hour, a new music clinic, in which we'll try to inject penicillin into tunes which we feel suffer from compositionally phosphoidal cramps, or le flambeau oriange, plus an announcement, which follows this announcement.

Next week, tune in for the new feature "The Best of the Sesquihour," presenting listenable snippets from past shows. Now you can catch up on the finest historical moments of radio panache without having to mess with the time-space continuum. Also beginning next week, you'll be able to tune us in on the Internet. Just dial up the Kalvos & Damian home page, set your sound card to #132, and enjoy our latest new music posting!

And now, today's announcement. Because the summer solstice this year occurred on a Wednesday, the cosine of which is 96 -- or April -- a two-day lag time has officially been declared by an appropriate governmental official, which makes today, June 24th, the Sesquisolstice. In the Faroe Islands, cod capital of the Northern Atlantic, June 24th is known as Jóansøka, literally, "antler Herbert morning with hair incontinence," or Jóansøka. And, our neighbors to the north, Canadians notwithstanding, call June 24th Saint Jean Day, in honor of Gene Autry, the singing cowboy and California Angels concession general. Put 'em all together and you have today's theme: Music By/For/About and In Spite of Johns.

Today's New Music Sesquihour is sponsored in part by today's New Music Sesquihour, which is somehow able to present, with assistance from various unnamed sources, our own John-of-the-hour, Kalvos.