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The AmsterDramm Project

The AmsterDramm Project was a live simulcast (radio and Internet) of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar in an interview with composers David Dramm and Ann La Berge, along with a live concert of their music, on September 12, 1998. Also participating were many other composers and artists. The concert took place in STEIM's concert hall in Amsterdam as a finale to the annual Gaudeamus Music Week.

The 5-hour program 2:30-7:30pm EDT (1830 to 0130 GMT) was broadcast in the United States on WGDR-FM in Plainfield, Vermont (until 6pm), and cybercast to the Northeast US from its RealAudio server, with a USA-at-large mirror provided by Jesse Kanner Internet. In the Netherlands, the concert will receive delayed broadcast in Amsterdam and received immediate cybercast by VuurWerk Internet via high-bandwidth ISDN, and they provided the main feed to the United States as well.

David 'Damian' Gunn anchored the U.S. side of the interview from the WGDR studios, and Dennis 'Kalvos' Báthory-Kitsz was in Amsterdam at STEIM. The live interview and concert welcomed composer luminaries from the Netherlands. Pre-recorded segments of music filled out the program.

This was be one of the first broadcast/cybercasts of an extended live exchange via an Internet connection worldwide, and had only a few minutes of downtime -- one of the most successful experiments in the new technology. Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is seeking funding to meet extensive technical requirements, provide publicity, and cover production expenses.

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Finale Schedule

1830 GMT / 2:30 EDT
1905 GMT / 3:05 EDT
1935 GMT / 3:35 EDT
2010 GMT / 4:10 EDT
2050 GMT / 4:50 EDT
2120 GMT / 5:20 EDT
2205 GMT / 6:05 EDT
2240 GMT / 6:40 EDT
2310 GMT / 7:10 EDT
Cybercast ended approximately 2330 GMT / 7:30 EDT

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David DrammDavid Dramm was born in Illinois, growing up in San Diego, California. His composition studies began with Robert Erickson at University of California, San Diego, and later at Yale University with Louis Andriessen and Earle Brown. The Volkskrant described his music as "ground-breaking terrain between Charles Ives, Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed." The NRC Handelsblad wrote, "As rock musician, writer and composer, Dramm is creating a furore in Holland." His performances include appearances in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the BIM-Huis and the pop temple of Europe, Paradiso. Donemus His music has been performed regularly throughout Europe and elsewhere including Freunde Guter Musik in Berlin, New Music Days In Tallinn, Estonia, and the Finnish 'Time of Music' Festival. Recent commissions have included works for ASKO Ensemble, Orkest de Volharding, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Frances-Marie Uitti, and an extended video project with Hotel Pro Forma (Copenhagen) in collaboration with flutist/composer Anne La Berge. In addition to his composing activities, Dramm performs with the avant-rock group Analecta, whose CDs are available on X-OR. Other recordings are available on BVHaast, Vanguard Classics, and Composer’s Voice. Dramm's music is published by Donemus and Saprophone Music.

Kalvos and Damian LogoKalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is a radio show and website bringing composers to the wider world through their music, interviews, pictures, photos, artwork, essays, biographies, attitudes, catalogs and ideas. The Bazaar exists solely to present the eclectic world of newly composed music in a try-it-you'll-like-it format, and to connect composers with each other and with audiences. The Bazaar is sponsored by grassroots organizations in our Vermont home--WGDR-FM, the Consortium of Vermont Composers, the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, and Goddard College, and is produced by Malted/Media Productions. On the air since early 1995, the program has interviewed composers from the United States, Canada, and Europe, has an extensive list of resources for and by composers, and offers music and interview clips, photographs, and important essays by the world’s composers. More than 130 archived shows are available on its pioneering website, along with its live cybercast.

Gaudeamus LogoThe Gaudeamus Foundation is a center for contemporary music that organizes and promotes contemporary music activities and concerts both in The Netherlands and abroad. Founded in 1945, Gaudeamus focuses on supporting career development of young composers and musicians through its library facilities, contacts with international organisations and its own activities. Every year the International Gaudeamus Music Week focuses on music by young composers. A jury of internationally reputed composers selects the compositions for performance during the festival in September in Amsterdam. After listening to performances of selected scores during the Music Week, this same jury awards the Gaudeamus Prize for the best composition. At the present the International Gaudeamus Music Week has become a unique event which informs the world about young people's new music.

STEIM LogoSTEIM offers research residencies, assistance with custom software and instrument design, studio facilities and other forms of support to performance artists. The creation of unconventional instruments and the adaptation of existing ones to fit new ideas are part of STEIM's daily work. Our work is primarily geared towards the development of new musical instruments and software for performance. This is realised by offering research residencies, assistance with custom software and instrument design, studio facilities and other forms of support to artists. Whilst the main focus of our work is on music, STEIM is open to collaborations in all the varieties of audio and performance art. STEIM has deservedly become an international meeting place for the electronic arts where technology is kept in its place and the emphasis is on music, image and performance.

MaltedMedia  LogoMalted/Media produces arts events, concerts, performance events, multimedia productions, and websites. It includes music publishing and performing ensembles. Malted/Media is associated with musicians and artists across the world.

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VuurWerk LogoVuurWerk Internet is met ruim 2700 sites niet alleen de grootste maar ook de snelstgroeiende gespecialiseerde webhosting provider van Nederland. Het uitzicht vanaf de derde etage van het kantoorpand van VuurWerk aan de gedempte oude gracht in Haarlem.

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