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Distort Your Favorite Composer

Here is the AlexWarp applet by Alex Rosen, made famous by the Bush-Gore Distort the Candidate site.

Go to the Distortion Archive!

Composer of the month: Daron Aric Hagen. Distort him!
Choose your favorite composer from our guest composer list, check the page to make sure there's an image there, and ask us to post it for distorting! Thanks again to Alex Rosen for this cool applet! (If your browser settings allow Java, please turn them on to use this applet.)

(If your browser settings allow Java, please turn them on to use this applet.)

Look! From some of our fans!

We're fans of that distortion applet yours,
And use its warping powers quite a bit.
Not unapparent to friends from us pours
deranged pleasure we derive from it,

The joy to warp, to squeeze, to stretch, to mash,
and twist and smush and rend and bloat and bend,
and twist and crook and bruise and bow and hash,
That poor composer's visage to distend.

So quite a range of JPEGS we've amassed.
But why are we confined to only four?
For since we talked a wheeling month has passed,
And now we're itching to distort some more!

So would you please then post another pic,
And we'll cut out these verses iambic.

Pyrrha and Celeste

A joy to dilate, deform, distend and you know,
arrange and askew jocular Gilles Yves Bonneau?

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