To all visitors: Kalvos & Damian is now a historical site reflecting nonpop
from 1995-2005. No updates have been made since a special program in 2015.
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Schedule always tentative! Please check in with our show right after Damian's essay to hear who's being interviewed, listen to the show's end for next week's guest, or best of all subscribe to K&D's RSS feed.


Do not forget the regular monthly shows with Noizepunk and Das Krooner!

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Future Guests

Of course, as we noted above, now that K&D's broadcast end is in sight, we are making decisions. We would love to continue with our interviews from time to time, as conversations with composer, plus music. Kind of like the K&D show without the shouting. We don't know yet, but in any case, these future guests would then be part of our online-only programming.

Postponed Programs

These programs, when they are re-scheduled, will be online only.


  • James J. Pellerite -- live Native American flute compositions! -- TBA