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The Essay
Show #16
The Feast of Things Short
David Gunn
Why are we here? Is the nature of the universe changing? What is reality? What do we really know to be absolute truth? Can all sentient beings distinguish between good and evil? What if they're wearing pajamas? Is there a god? If so, is he or she wearing pajamas? These and other philosophical questions will be answered today on episode 16 of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Sesquihour.

But wait, there's more. We also have a guest composer-on-tape-o-the-week in the shape of Bill Harris of extremely westernmost Vermont, the "Best of the Sesquihour, part 3," which handily selects bits from episodes 11 through 15, except for the shows we missed, and runs them through a radiophonic trash compactor, plus more new music than is probably necessary.

Today is the anniversary of the Feast of St. Peter Claver and St. Joachim, two early pioneers in the study of things abbreviated. Shortness of breath, brevity of wit, shrimpness of scampi -- all were studiously observed by the two feasty saints, and we can think of no better theme around which to base today's show, the Feast of Things Short. To get in the spirit of the day, Kalvos & Damian are wearing shorts this afternoon; shortly before showtime, I accidentally shorted out the gradient kibble transponder part of the radio station, though Kalvos assures me it'll be working again shortly; I, personally, am a couple of bucks short in the Cash Department, and am hoping I can put the touch on Kalv ... yes, things short is what we're all about today.

And here's a short new tune by David Gunn which briefly explores the intricacies of a ruminant's digestive tract. Follow along as he traces the movement of cow chow from rumen to reticulum to omasum and on into the abomasum. It's called "Cowbellies."

As the digested particulate matter heads down the small intestine, we bid a fond farewell to "Cowbellies," a new easily digestible tune by David Gunn.

Perhaps of more significance than any one here would want to admit, today is the 206th anniversary of that rainy September day in Paris when French women donated jewelry to the National Assembly, an act of courage which rivals only that other act of courage, le flambeau oriange.

Today's episode of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Sesquihour comes with a limited warranty. Please check your owner's manual to see if you qualify.

And now, to put the act of shortness on notice for the next 90 minutes, with time off for good behavior, I lead you to the incorporeal voice of Kalvos.