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The Essay
Show #17
The Prince of Acrylics
David Gunn
We're ba-ack! Yes, thanks to the largesse of a huge multinational corporation suddenly taking an interest in the fine arts -- or in what we've led them to believe are the fine arts -- the Kalvos & Damian New Music Sesquihour is back for another 16 weeks on this, the only radio station in the Western Hemisphere whose call letters read the same forward and backward, at least to an idiot savant. Back, better and bigger. Yes, bigger, because this is now the Sesqui-plus-hour, with 33% percent more show, a full two hours of new music and occasionally witty repartee, and at no additional cost to you, again thanks to the beneficence of ... "Titular Global Acquisition Reserves, Ltd.," a fine company with no more Superfund sites attributable to its many shady in-holdings than the next guy. Remember, when you can think of nothing better to say, say T.G.A.R.

And yes, this portion of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Sesquihour Expansive is brought to you in part by ... well, words fail me.

It's indeed fitting that Episode 17 should fall on September 16, given the numerological synergism between 17s and 16s. For instance, in the spatial alignment of concurrent relativity, the number 16 reverts to a discontinuance of nearly all manner of improbability, with the sole exception of number 17, the prime matrix of which results in a kind of derivative causelessness, which is a really good reason to keep 16s out of houses with more than one W in them, and 17s out of paw's reach of a basset hound.

But, no matter. September 16, at any rate, is chock full of birthday and deathday girls and boys, and with an additional 30 minutes at our disposal, we'll be able to discuss each one in detail ... with the exception of Sir James H. Jeans, a British mathematician and physicist noted for his work on the kinetic theory of gases and his investigations into the relationships between mathematical concepts and the natural world, sometimes called "The Maybe Principle," because, aside from his timely corpsification on this date in 1946, I know nothing about him. On the other hand, today is the 108th anniversary of the birth of Nadia Boulanger, the spritely Romanian gymnast who charmed the 1984 Olympic crowds with her precision balance beam work and flair for fine compositional tutoring.

September 16 is also the 20th anniversary of Papua New Guinea's day of independence, and Kalvos & Damian are pleased to be able to present an excerpt from the Papuan national anthem, "Le Flambeau Oriange."

What can you say except ... T.G.A.R.

Well, we can also say that the Prince of Acrylics, Rip Keller, is today's featured composer-o-the-week on the New Music Sesquihour Expansive, and he is also the first visitor in K&D's second season to utilize WGDR's Studio Z, where he will provide live music as well as preparing a fine meal in the radiophonic kitchen.

There's more, too, but my mind is still on Sir James Hopwood Jeans, so let's get this show back on track with a few poignant words from ... oh, it must be Kalvos.