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The Essay
Show #26
Musical Kibble Day
David Gunn
Bon radio. From the fashionable east wing of the WGDR-FM radiophonic studios, it's time for the Goddard College sports round-up. Today's show looks at the school's football, basketball, and subsonic soccer teams -- how are they doing?, what are the prospects for a winning season?, what do the team jerseys look like? We'll deal with those prickly questions in a moment, but first I believe it's instructive to note that, for as long as anyone can remember, the school hasn't had a football, basketball or subsonic soccer team. And that's Goddard College sports round-up for today!

Today's show is being broadcast in full-spectrum audio at no additional cost to you, our listening audients. Even if your radio is an elderly model full of antique electron tubes and cathode ray inhibitors and picks up the occasional long-wave signal from Belgium, you'll hear Kalvos & Damian's New Music Sesquihour Expansive better now thanks to improved digital ignition technology. No longer will you have to adjust the choke and heel-and-toe the hi-fidelity clutch to get our program if you live outside of the greater Plainburg metropolitan area. Just keep your radio in the freezer overnight before tuning us in, and you'll be amazed at how much more palatable our signal is. Just don't forget to wipe away the freezer burn before plugging us in.

We are pleased to have no composer-o-the-week on today's episode, #26, as recent invited guests have relentlessly scarfed down all the tasty radiophonic comestibles which normally grace our broadcast eat-in studio, leaving nothing for post-program preprandial Kalvos & Damian appetites to curb, all part of the sacrifices which we must make in order to have our musicological messages heard, today's message being, le flambeau oriange et sur la tete! This portion of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Sesquihour Expansive is brought to you by other portions of future shows which will have been excised from the pluperfect archives to better render past episodes even more listenable than they arguably have a right to be, or were, or will have been, given the circumstances, of which there are, or would have been, or would like to have been, as it were, in and of themselves, unless.

And now, with an insatiable musical curiosity satisfied only by an uncountable number of gustatory treats which, today, are sadly missing from arm's reach, I give you the hunger that is primarily his to do with what he will, which is not to be other than today's Kalvos.