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The AmsterDramm Project

The AmsterDramm Project was a live simulcast (radio and Internet) of Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar in an interview with composers David Dramm and Anne La Berge, along with a live concert of their music, on September 12, 1998.

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This page contains the entire evening's five hours worth of interview and musical events in RealAudio -- follow along with the links! You can click each link to come into the concert at that point, and it will continue to the end if you let it go...

The wonderful pictures on this page came from the camera of Ronald Eissens of VuurWerk.

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Introduction and Walk the Plank
Interview with David Dramm
David Dramm on the set David Dramm sets up, looking into the distance and meditating on the hours ahead.
David Dramm: Passacaglia (live)
David Dramm: Ladder (live)
Anne La Berge laughs in anticipation of the evening's performances and interviews. Anne La Berge laughs in anticipation

Interview with Jacqueline Oskamp
David Dramm: Vin Scully (recorded)
Interview with Jacqueline Oskamp, continued
David Dramm: I Hate My Dog (live)
Interview with Jacqueline Oskamp, concluded
Huib Emmer: Positief Zweet (recorded)
Kalvos and Jacqueline Oskamp Kalvos interviews Jacqueline Oskamp, Volkskrant critic and driving force behind the THD project.

Interview with Louis Andriessen
Louis Andriessen: Hout (recorded)
Kalvos looks toward Louis Andriessen as Damian, in Vermont, asks him about his checkered family history. Kalvos and Louis Andriessen
David Dramm and Louis Andriessen David Dramm takes over the interview from Kalvos and Damian.

Interview with David and Louis
David Dramm: High Octane (recorded)
Looking over David and Louis toward the gathered audience; inset: David Dramm gesticulates as Louis watches. David Dramm gesticulates; Louis watches

Interview with Ruth Dreier
Kalvos and Ruth Dreier Kalvos talks to Ruth Dreier about her double life as recording engineer for the Concertgebouw Orchestra and host of pirate radio.
Ruth Drier Mix (live)
Ruth Dreier creates a live mix with analog recordings and a digital mixer -- plus ça change! Ruth Dreier mixes

Help! Network Congestion! Network congestion afflicts the route to Vermont, but nothing can be done as the Starr Report downloads still clog the Internet.
Looking over the server from the RealAudio mix booth toward the audience; inset: Technical morass that represents the Vermont-Netherlands telephone connection and route back to the server mix. Looking over the server toward the audience

Interview with David Dramm and Anne La Berge
Kalvos and David Dramm Kalvos asks an incomprehensible question of David Dramm, who responds with an enthusiastic look.

David Dramm: Black Whale (live), with commentary
David Dramm: Bolero (live), with commentary
Anne La Berge and David Dramm perform their set of both their compositions. David Dramm and Anne La Berge perform - 1

David Dramm: A Bad Day Fishing (live), with commentary
Bert Bacharach, arr. Dramm: Little Betty Falling Star (live), with commentary
David Dramm talks about Hello Pop Tart
David Dramm: Hello Pop Tart (live)
David Dramm: Hello Pop Tart (recorded), and additional commentary
Interview with Philip Mechanicus and David Dramm
David Dramm: Art As Art (recorded)
Anne La Berge and David Dramm perform - 2 The Dramm - La Berge performance continues.

Interview with Anne La Berge
David Dramm: Thrash and Variations (live)
Anne La Berge performs fixiation Anne La Berge blasts out during her fixiation, and looks pensive after the performance. Anne La Berge
Interview with Anne La Berge, continued
Anne La Berge: fixiation (live)

Interview with David Dramm and Anne La Berge, continued
Commentary by Nick Didkovsky (recorded)
Nick Didkovsky: Orion, recorded for AmsterDramm
Kevin Whitehead: The Tuck, recorded for AmsterDramm
The server goes down, and Arjen van Drie rushes to patch it back in. Over five hours, only seven minutes of cybercast were lost. Arjen van Drie fixes the server

Interview with Frances-Marie Uitti
Frances-Marie Uitti: Piece No. 1, with commentary
Frances-Marie Uitti: Piece No. 2, with commentary
Frances-Marie Uitti: Piece No. 3, with commentary
Kalvos and Frances-Marie Uitti Kalvos speaks with Frances-Marie Uitti, who explains how she has moved from performing others' works to creating her own.

Interview with Clarence Barlow
Kalvos speaks with Clarence Barlow, who shows up, but naughtily but cleverly avoids answering any questions directly. Kalvos and Clarence Barlow

Stevie Balch is also amused The audience laughs at Clarence's clever evasions -- (left) Kalvos's wife, Stevie Balch; (right) Anne La Berge, photographer Peter Cuypers, Ruth Dreier, and master engineer Paul Jeukendrup. Anne, Ruth, and Paul Jeukendrup in the audience
Interview with David Dramm, continued
John Cale, arr. Dramm: Dying on the Vine (recorded)
Interview with David Dramm, continued
Junkie XL, arr. Dramm: Metrolike/Saturday Night Kick (recorded)

Arjen van Drie finishes the cybercast mix. Arjen van Drie mixes

Texas Playboys, arr. Dramm: San Antonio Rose (live)
Conclusion and David Dramm: Beebe Lake Ice Cut
Cybercast is over The final shutdown of equipment and disconnecting of wires as the cybercast comes to a close after five hours.