To all visitors: Kalvos & Damian is now a historical site reflecting nonpop
from 1995-2005. No updates have been made since a special program in 2015.
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Here's what we originally said back in 1995:

Why so many viewers? We want to provide the best balance of sound quality, download time and disk space. Although PCM (.wav) files provide the best results, we just can't store & serve 3-minute files that occupy 16 megs. So XingSound's MPEG-2 audio does a nice job on ordinary sound cards, and produces excellent results on DSP-equipped cards. For quick musical samples, TrueSpeech offers heavily compressed but listenable results. And finally, RealAudio handles the interview segments fairly well. Try them, and let Kalvos & Damian via Contact Form know what you think.

How times have changed! We have lots of additional players (not 'viewers' anymore...), including an mp3 player now. But we have kept all the old ones as well!

Warning The following Windows audio viewers are provided in original form as offered by their suppliers. Please read the Kalvos & Damian disclaimer before downloading and using these viewers. For Macintosh viewers, please use the link to the original sites. You are welcome to download the viewers here, but we recommend you visit the original sites for the latest versions and updates.

RealAudio_RealAudio Player ... RealAudio Home Page.
XingTech___XingSound Player ... Xing Technology Home Page.
WinAmp_____WinAmp Player ... WinAmp Home Page.
The following Windows player is no longer available at this site by request of DSPG, the software's author. The link below will take you directly to the DSPG site:
TrueSpeech_____TrueSpeech Player ... TrueSpeech Home Page.