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Past Notices - 2006

December 23
Just in Time! New Noizepunk & Krooner!
December 8
Early Holiday Gift! New Noizepunk & Krooner!
October 27
Just in Time for Halloween! New Noizepunk & Krooner!
September 30
New Noizepunk & Krooner Posted!
September 2
Unhinged, New Noizepunk!
August 14
Live and Unhinged!
  • Yes, K&D returned -- live and hinged! No, wait, unhinged! Kalvos and Damian gave their enharmonic show live on August 12 at Lotus Music & Dance as part of Tom Hamilton's Cooler in the Shade series. Show #538. Best performance on i cried in the sun aïda ever, and hell of a Utopiano too. Double Yeah!
August 6
Eight Months Gone By...!
  • Yes, K&D returns -- live! ... but not on the air. Kalvos and Damian are appearing live on August 12, 2006, at Lotus Music & Dance as part of Tom Hamilton's Cooler in the Shade series with "Kalvos & Damian: Live and Unhinged." Indeed, David Gunn and Dennis Báthory-Kitsz will reprise the erstwhile K&D radio show as a live concert event on August 12, including performances by themselves and Beth Griffith, Lydia Busler-Blais, Jacqueline Martelle, and Joseph Kubera. Show #538. Yeah!
  • Listen to our successor show, Noizepunk & Das Krooner! Lots of new guests, fun, and fast-paced unKalvosian dialog! Gene Pritsker and Charles Coleman host the show. You'll be able to listen right here -- no, not live but good as it gets from their studios in Manhattan, exclusive on! Ready, set... listen to Shows #1-10!
  • Dennis has a blog for his "We Are All Mozart" project. He riled you up with musical politics on K&D, and now does it again on a near-daily basis. Read it and grind your teeth. Photos, too.
  • Just a couple of things we'll expand on later... We have some new online-only shows coming up on K&D, with Rozalie Hirs, Riccardo dal Farra and many others. We'll announce them -- watch for them. Also, we're about to present a loyalty award to our most dedicated composer-contributor, whose monthly tithe has helped keep K&D alive over the years. The award will be to composer and radio host Canary Burton, and we'll tell you much more in the next few weeks.
  • Komposer Kombat archive is great to hear! Listen to the results of the kompetition, read about how it happened, and listen to the whole show (#537) in its entirety! More than 40 new pieces were created for this event, and premiered in preliminary rounds and the finals were broadcast on the show from Studio Z. Yee-hah! We talked with the performers -- Amanda Baker, Carla Parodi, Lydia Busler-Blais, Lucy Yates and Lisa Jablow -- and other composers -- Rob Voisey and MJ Leach among them -- and had a rollicking time to end our run on the air!
  • Not many changes here yet. Please note that there are few changes on the K&D site yet. Our forum was being abused by spammers, so it is closed. The old links pages are still up and will be kept as an inactive archive, as part of our chronicle of the NonPop revolution. So will all the composer pages, with links to their own home pages. Naturally, the audio clips will remain in their original formats. Artists move on and don't take care of their histories. K&D showed you who they were then, live and in real time, and continue to reveal them as they develop.