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Past Notices - 1997

October 11:
Two new essays are posted on the Bazaar.
August 30:
The New York Times recommends Kalvos & Damian! A brief but ego-inflating mention by Matthew Mirapaul: click here. (Can't find it? It's in the sidebar.)
August 23:
K&D has more new shows posted on AudioNet! Fourteen new shows include interviews with Olexandra Beck, Henning Berg, Zeke Hecker, Rip Keller, Drew Krause, John Levin, Benedict Mason, Thomas Massella, Erik Nielsen, Thomas L. Read, Peter Tavalin, James Tenney, and Gwyneth Walker, and a tribute to Conlon Nancarrow. 30 shows previously available from our AudioNet jump page include interviews with Clarence Barlow, Gary Barwin, Marc Battier, Eve Beglarian, Peter Beyls, Craig Bove, Joel Chadabe, Rhys Chatham, Nicolas Collins, Maria de Alvear, Jody Diamond, Nick Didkovsky, Stephen Gryc, Daron Hagen, Fred Ho, Udo Kasemets, Johan van Kreij, Anne La Berge, Elma Miller, Keith Moore, Pauline Oliveros, John Oswald, Larry Polansky, Eliane Radigue, Kaija Saariaho, Rick St. Clair, Carl Stone, George Todd, Richard Tolenaar, Scott MX Turner, Daniel Weymouth, and an original student opera.
June 16:
New interview clips: Nick Didkovsky (with MandelMusic demo), Udo Kasemets, Elma Miller, Richard Tolenaar.
June 16:
K&D show introductory essays are now complete from the first show on which they appeared! At the beginning of each show, co-host David Gunn presents his views on that day in history. Read these priceless documents! Find the show index on our show history and tape ordering page.
April 22:
New Rhys Chatham essays. Read Boulez vs. Stockhausen and Is Rock Dead?.
New William Harris essays. Read Music for the Day and the Year and On Analysis.
March 27:
In addition to the 50 composers represented with RealAudio 2, MPEG-2, TrueSpeech and Midi Files, we have posted new sound files in RealAudio 3/28.8 stereo/mono (as well as RealAudio 2/14.4), for 29 additional composers: Martin Arnold, Gary Barwin, Eve Beglarian, David Behrman, Craig Bove, Allison Cameron, Joseph Celli, Alcedo Coenen, Nick Didkovsky, David Dramm, Bill Gilliam, Tom Hamilton, Jeff Harrington, Christos Hatzis, Udo Kasemets, Christopher Koenigsberg, Johan van Kreij, Jim Lynch, Elma Miller, Randall Neal, Pauline Oliveros, John Oswald, Stephen Parkinson, Sarah Peebles, Arthur Sauer, Linda Catlin Smith, Ann Southam, Carl Stone, and James Tenney. The new music selections posted on Tom Johnson's page are in MPEG-2 format. About 25 composer pages are still silent.
March 17:
WebProject on-line mentoring via IRC and WWW was a tremendous success.
  • For information on the planning for this program, please read
  • On Thursday, March 6 there was realtime chat and exchange/critique of Midifiles with composers Anne La Berge in Amsterdam and Richard Tolenaar in Amersfoort. A heavy snowfall in Vermont almost cancelled this event as the server was operating on batteries until power could be restored. Unexpected visits were made by two composers in New York, Laurie Spiegel and Nick Didkovsky.
  • On Saturday, March 8, realtime chat and philosophical discussions took place with composers Rhys Chatham and Eliane Radigue in Paris. For the first time in years, Rhys and Eliane were joined by Laurie Spiegel, and also in New York, composer Tom Hamilton dived into the 3.5-hour session.
March 1:
Gimpel the Fool, an opera by students of Su Lian Tan of Middlebury College, was performed on our live broadcast on Saturday, February 15, 1997. It was performed by an instrumental ensemble of 16, chorus of 20, with five singer soloists. This was the only broadcast performance of the complete opera Gimpel the Fool! It will be internetcast in its entirety this spring. For information on tapes of this or any K&D broadcast, see our tapes page.