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How to Listen to the Bazaar
The Bazaar's shows are approximately two hours each. You can listen to any part of the show by dragging the player's 'pointer'. We try to follow an outline for each week's broadcast:
  • 0:00-0:10    Introductory essay and banter.
  • 0:10-0:30    Thematic material, new releases, more banter, appreciations, and rants.
  • 0:30-1:30    Composer interview. Extended theme if no interview.
  • 1:30-2:00    Thematic material, mixes, more rants -- and Best of the Bazaar (about every 5 shows).

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Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar

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84 The Heimlich ManeuverDecember 2852Richard St. Clair
83 A Cheap History of New Music SpiritualityDecember 21Benedict Mason, 2
82 DichotomyDecember 1451Benedict Mason, 1
81 Antimatter Horns at Mount
Grossglockenspiel: New &
Rethought Instruments
December 7Unique Instrumentation

80 Maria Speaks the TruthNovember 30Maria de Alvear, 2
79 Cooking with MariaNovember 2350Maria de Alvear, 1
78 Vermont Composers Glow DimlyNovember 16Vermont Composers Festival
77 Smoothness of the Early 80'sNovember 9Music of the 1980's
76 76: 7+6=13 1:3=4November 2Electronic Uses
75 Who Beyls Us Out?October 2649Peter Beyls
74 Day of DisagreeablenessOctober 19Pianos and String Quartets
73 The Neon Charm of RamatekOctober 12Rhys Chatham, 2
72 Name Drop SoupOctober 548Rhys Chatham, 1
71 Cosmos AcoustiquesSeptember 2847Marc Battier

70 Silent Stupid QuestionsSeptember 21Recently Received
69 Circular ScreamingSeptember 14Webern Celebration
68 Taming of the Shew & Call-InSeptember 7Favorites
67 Red Shift Through the Algonquin HoleAugust 31Kaija Saariaho, 2
66 The Pretzel NebulaAugust 2446Anita Beckmann
65 Finland & Phone CallsAugust 1745Kaija Saariaho, 1
64 A Cheap History of Electronic MusicAugust 10Electronic Music
63 Straining the HumerusAugust 3Funny Music
62 Bovine Battle Guide to StasisJuly 2744Eliane Radigue
61 Channeler SurfingJuly 2043Barbara Wellspring

60 A Cheap History of AtonalityJuly 13Atonality
59 Oedipus NixJuly 6Nicolas Collins, 2
58 Czar Nicolas, the Tunguska FireballJune 2942Nicolas Collins, 1
57 Ain't Minton Words!June 2241Mary Oliver
56 Dada da BabylonJune 15Anne La Berge, 2
55 Three Nice Questions, for fluteJune 840Anne La Berge, 1
54 The Strawberry-Kiwi MoonJune 1Richard Tolenaar, 2
53 In the Coffeehuis de MarktMay 2539Richard Tolenaar, 1
52 Lawrence Welk Used a Little StickMay 1838Pauline Oliveros
51 Nobody Goes that Way except MomMay 1137John Levin

50 Marty Ondenot LaurendeauMay 4Miscellany
49 Raising the FunsApril 27Fundraising Favorites
48 La Kalashnikov BourgeoiseApril 2035
Fred Ho
Scott M.X. Turner
47 Opus du Jour, FlambéApril 1334Peter Tavalin
46 Enging SinglishApril 633Zeke Hecker
45 Wrestling Vincent Van GoghMarch 30European Followup
44 Ghost Fliers on the RoadMarch 23Favorites
43 Missing in MarchMarch 16Travel Music
42 Cole SlawMarch 932Stephen Gryc
41 A Connecticut Tommy in Smetana's CourtMarch 231Keith Moore

40 Psychic Composers NetworkFebruary 24Call-In Favorites
39 Unavoidable ConclusionsFebruary 1730David Kraus
38 Classix of the Avant-GardeFebruary 10Avant-Garde Classics
37 Politics and PepsiFebruary 328
Susan Bettmann
Dennis Darrah
36 The Long JumpJanuary 2727Carl Stone
35 Musical DiseasesJanuary 2026Joel Chadabe
34 A Cheap History of MinimalismJanuary 13Minimalism
33 Smooth Music RantJanuary 6Easy on the Ears

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