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How to Listen to the Bazaar
The Bazaar's shows are approximately two hours each. You can listen to any part of the show by dragging the player's 'pointer'. We try to follow an outline for each week's broadcast:
  • 0:00-0:10    Introductory essay and banter.
  • 0:10-0:30    Thematic material, new releases, more banter, appreciations, and rants.
  • 0:30-1:30    Composer interview. Extended theme if no interview.
  • 1:30-2:00    Thematic material, mixes, more rants -- and Best of the Bazaar (about every 5 shows).

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293 Composers' Wisdom VIDecember 30 Guest Comments
292 Composers' Wisdom VDecember 23 Guest Comments
291 Solstice It Ain'tDecember 16 Anti-Solstice Music

290 Eee-yi! Yi! Yi!December 9 Brenda Hutchinson, part 2
289 Tennessee WaltzDecember 2132Brenda Hutchinson, part 1
288 Bi-Continental CompactionNovember 25 David W. Solomons, part 2
287 In Theory...November 18131Alexander Abele
286 Autodidacts IINovember 11130David W. Solomons, part 1
285 Mom's Favorites ReduxNovember 437John Levin
284 Subway SeriesOctober 28129Frank Oteri of
283 Celebrations, Awards & KudosOctober 21 Elodie Lauten, part 2
282 Earth ToneOctober 14128Elodie Lauten, part 1
281 Push the Button!October 7 Doug Repetto
Mary Lee Roberts
Larry Polansky, part 2

280 Eusebio Consumed. Coffee With That?September 30126
Doug Repetto
Mary Lee Roberts
Larry Polansky, part 1
279 Shut the Doors!September 23David Del Tredici, part 2
278 YottamusicSeptember 16125David Del Tredici, part 1
277 Ipecacian EnigmaSeptember 9 Johnny Reinhard, part 2
276 Tiny TonesSeptember 2124Johnny Reinhard, part 1
275 Tumbles of TriadsAugust 26 Beth Anderson, part 2
274 No More SqueaksAugust 19123Beth Anderson, part 1
273 TrackinAugust 12 Doug Geers, part 2
272 Invisible Arms, or Saskatchewanian InversionAugust 5122Doug Geers, part 1
271 The Body That Belongs to MeJuly 29 Napster special

270 Range of AngelsJuly 2292Mary Jane Leach
269 Midi Bap Bap BapJuly 15 Joseph Benzola, part 2
268 Basic InstinctJuly 8121Gregory Hall
267 Boom-Bap, Boom-Boom-BapJuly 1120Joseph Benzola, part 1
266 Partch 99June 24 Harry Partch Special
265 Nah, CappellaJune 17 John McGuire, part 2
264 We Have a Pulse!June 1097John McGuire, part 1
263 What, Again??June 3 New Musics Festival, 2
262 Again?May 27 New Musics Festival, 1
261 Heat WaveMay 20 Warren Burt, part 2

260 The Coming of SpringMay 13119Warren Burt, part 1
259 The Love BugMay 6 Nick Didkovsky, part 2
258 Bowel TownApril 2960Nick Didkovsky, part 1
257 Earth Day + 30April 22 Martha Mooke, part 2
256 Viola JokesApril 15118Martha Mooke, part 1
255 Showtunez IIApril 8 Eric Salzman, part 2
254 Showtunez IApril 1117Eric Salzman, part 1
253 HurricaneMarch 25 Carson Kievman, part 2
252 Temporary & TentativeMarch 18116Carson Kievman, part 1
251 Occasional DeparturesMarch 1136Scott MX Turner and
The Devil's Advocates

250 250th Show CelebrationMarch 4Dennis Darrah
James Bohn
249 AccordionixFebruary 26Daron Hagen, part 2
248 The Tenor Goes DownFebruary 1954Daron Hagen, part 1
247 Daughter of LionFebruary 12Barbara Benary, part 2
246 Gamelan BabsFebruary 5115Barbara Benary, part 1
245 CoachingJanuary 297Gwyneth Walker
244 Unbroken ConsortsJanuary 22Jeff Harrington, part 2
243 Repeated ListeningJanuary 1578Jeff Harrington, part 1
242 Labels IIJanuary 85Peggy Madden
241 Lullaby for BillJanuary 1New York Preview

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