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How to Listen to the Bazaar
The Bazaar's shows are approximately two hours each. You can listen to any part of the show by dragging the player's 'pointer'. We try to follow an outline for each week's broadcast:
  • 0:00-0:10    Introductory essay and banter.
  • 0:10-0:30    Thematic material, new releases, more banter, appreciations, and rants.
  • 0:30-1:30    Composer interview. Extended theme if no interview.
  • 1:30-2:00    Thematic material, mixes, more rants -- and Best of the Bazaar (about every 5 shows).

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188 Welcome LaughterDecember 2696Calliope Tsoupaki, 1
187 Marches, Fanfares and Dances of ImpeachmentDecember 19Impeachment Fest
186 The Aging ProcessDecember 121David Gunn
185 The Golden Bruce AwardDecember 5 RA
**MP3 part 1 or
**MP3 part 1
**MP3 part 2 or
**MP3 part 2
Sensibility Curdling
184 Quizzing the Politically Astute!!!November 28Political Music
183 It's Hyper Mixing Time!!!November 2195N.N. und Ähnliche Elemente
182 We're Granular, Baby!!!!November 14EAM Week II
181 The TexAcousmatic School of Rasslin' MusicNovember 7EAM Week I

180 Better Than Being ThereOctober 3194Anton Lukoszevieze
179 Occasional AutodidacticismOctober 24Dietmar Hippler, 2
178 Guttural OwlsOctober 1793Dietmar Hippler, 1
177 Choro IIOctober 10More Choruses
176 Choro IOctober 392Mary Jane Leach
175 Geysers au NaturelSeptember 2632Steve Gryc
174 Not in the Biblical SenseSeptember 19Birthdays
173 AmsterDramm!September 1291David Dramm, live!
172 Cage the ComposerSeptember 5Homage to John Cage
171 A Change of TempoAugust 29Michael Sahl, 2

170 Those Wacky StockhausensAugust 2290Michael Sahl, 1
169 The Fond Box: Rent-a-Band!August 15 RA
**MP3 part 1 or
**MP3 part 1
**MP3 part 2 or
**MP3 part 2
Renting Orchestras
168 Outside the BordersAugust 8Christos Hatzis, 2
167 Erotic VoicesAugust 189Christos Hatzis, 1
166 The Raven's KidJuly 2588Howard Jonathan Fredrics
165 Beano Bengaze's Ana-Wind EmporiumJuly 18Music for Winds
164 A Guest ReturnsJuly 1139Richard Tolenaar
163 Atlantic WitnessJuly 487Canary Burton
162 The New Golden AgeJune 27Our Golden Age
161 The White MiceJune 20Michael Torke, 2

160 Orchestral Reluctances and RenovationsJune 1386Michael Torke, 1
159 Holey CelebrationsJune 6Arthur Sauer, 2
158 Whiskers Six-DrawMay 3085Arthur Sauer, 1
157 WedlockMay 23Newly Received
156 Pie, Song, and DoggerelMay 1684Jon Appleton
155 RichesMay 9New Releases & Fundraising
154 Sentient Linoleum VoicesMay 2Lots-o-Voices
153 Music You Can't Buy, Part IIApril 25Martin Arnold, 2
152 Music You Can't Buy, Part IApril 1883Martin Arnold, 1
151 How Short?April 11Bill Gilliam, 2

150 A Cheap History of RhythmApril 4Rhythmic Stuff
149 RhythmoaningMarch 2882Bill Gilliam, 1
148 The Vocal InstrumentMarch 21Stephen Parkinson, 2
147 Furcation and BifurcationMarch 1481Stephen Parkinson, 1
000 Help! We're Being Interrogated!March 130&0Kalvos & Damian
146 Abstract MusicMarch 7Joseph Celli, 2
145 Fête von Bazoukis BrazilierasFebruary 2880Joseph Celli, 1
144 The Therapeutic CultureFebruary 21Robert H.P. Platz, 2
143 BläserFebruary 1479Robert H.P. Platz, 1
142 No Threats HereFebruary 7Jeff Harrington, 2
141 Breaking GlassJanuary 3178Jeff Harrington, 1

140 A Punishment of PianosJanuary 24Phillip Silver, 2
139 A Pollution of PianosJanuary 1777Phillip Silver, 1
138 Rhythm and BlowsJanuary 10Sarah Peebles, 2
137 Music UnseenJanuary 376Sarah Peebles, 1

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